MISSION STATEMENT: Empowering young people ; Strengthening communities

VISION: It is the plan of The Phoenix Nest to create safe fun and enriching spaces for young people, there by empowering them with the resources and resiliency to be successful contributing members of their communities. We implement this plan by engaging with members of our communities, volunteers, and staff , to offer programs and opportunities such as: academic assistance, cooking and nutrition, gardening, bicycle and automotive maintenance,  financial skills, arts and crafts, and a wide variety of recreational activities.
The Phoenix Nest also offers resources to parents and community members in areas concerning the well being of young people, including but not limited to: communication techniques, conflict resolution, substance abuse prevention, stress management,  and safety.

OUR VALUES: at The Phoenix Nest our values can be best summed up by C.O.R.E.

COMPASSION: Looking beyond ourselves to reach out to others and make our communities stronger.

OPENNESS: Welcoming people of all walks of life, when you enter the doors of The Phoenix Nest, all are equal.

RESPECT: Is given in our words, attitudes, and actions. Regardless of our differences we begin with a firm foundation of respect

EDUCATION: Making continuing to learn and growing a priority for both the young people we serve but also our communities, and our staff. 

The Phoenix Nest

  • seeks to reflect and expand upon the healthy values present in the communities we serve.
  •  is a violence free zone, this includes physical, verbal, and/or systematic abuses.
  •  is inclusive of all people regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability status, or economic level.
  • is not affiliated with any religious sect, denomination, or organization. We are however a faith friendly organization and embrace our communities participation in the traditions and customs of their faiths and or beliefs.